“Welcome all new residents! Please enter onto the right entrance unless you have 20 lbs or more of luggage.” The PA blasted above us as we walked into the newly started haven of the Mid-Atlantic Airport. I felt chills as I walked into the cold, worn metal, my brothers and many more people behind me. I felt the push of all the people eagerly waiting to get as far away as possible from North America.

Let me explain, the year is now 2105, and most living situations are as bad as the worst ones in your year. North America was mainly destroyed by droughts, mega hurricanes, and earthquakes. Most people evacuated before it got bad, but some people stayed and were quarantined by the government. But one of the worst things to every hit the world, was a epidemic. It was called the TM-74 and at first it started as just a small cold with some different symptoms. Then, as some scientists and doctors started to ignore this virus, it mutated. Badly. It transferred to mosquitos and that’s when it went bad, fast.

Millions were killed in the first week. Hundreds of millions in the second. Work for a cure was hard, doctors kept getting sick. Eventually, (before humanity got eradicated) they stumbled upon a cure. Put it in planes, and I guess you know what would happen next. Anyways, most towns were destroyed beyond repair. So, as one would do, millions moved.

“Max, Max? Max!” bellowed John, my brother.

“Oh, sorry. What are we doing in the shopping section?” I questioned.

‘”Getting something to eat. You can’t go two weeks without having some nice, decent food and drinks.”

“I guess you’re right.”

I looked up and I pretty much saw a 20 ft layer of water above me. So you could imagine how confused I was when I remembered that this place was supposed to be 50 ft off the sea levels. I waved it off. Huh, I don’t think that this is the right place to be making a ocean pun.

Oh and uh, by the way, if you thought that humanity was super advanced and we had like flying cars and that kind of stuff, you were off by a long shot. We paid so much money to research how to cure TM-74 that we basically lost control. Like a teenager when they’re given a credit card.

I walked through the aisles and I found that mostly everything had been either stolen or bought. But there was a couple things like brussels sprouts,(yes, kids still don’t like it) and some more vegetables and some…liquids.

“Yo, Max!” John yelled.

“Yeah I’m coming up.”I responded. I didn’t know where he was going to take me. Probably to the above water part of this whole contraption. I started going up the stairs and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Unlike the aisles that I just walked through, this place was filled with actually good food, clean water, and some snacks too. This place was off limits to people of rank 4 or lower, and luckily, My family are all rank fives. I’ll inform you on the rank stuff later, right now I got to go do something.

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