The 3rd Kind

It was the year 2020 and humans were running low on their power supply. They used most of it when they were fighting in the war of 2018.

June 26th, 2020:  We still need power.  This is the 20th blackout today, and still going!  I wonder is the Trends is still working up in space.

June 27th, 2020:  Today I saw something I never saw before.  I t was just before the 5th blackout today.  It looked like a green meteorite falling from space.  I did not investigate, at least not today.

June 30th, 2020: Today I went to go investigate.  What I saw was mind blowing.  There was a huge rounded ship that had something inside of it.   It looked grey and really tired.  I’m thinking of staying here the night.

August 1st, 2020:  I stayed the night and help the being out of the broken up ship.  I taught it how to talk our language.  I also talked about our energy problems, and guess what!  It said it’ll give Earth some energy!  I soon payed the price for that gamble.

(Son)  My uncle died on August 1st 2027.  In this journal he wrote about what extraordinary things happened to him.  Thanks to him, Earth now has full power.

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