Genetic Modification

Even the News is saying that human genetic modification has gone to far this time.  Teenagers are morphing into their favorite anime character or even TV character.  Today I have to go and stop a teenager (who morphed into Goku) fight his best friend (who turned into Freiza)

“Hey hey!  Stop fighting!  BREAK IT UP NOW!!  Listen I know you guys like Dragon Ball but that does not mean you morph into characters and start fighting each other.  I mean you guys are friends right?”

“Yeah,”  They said in unison.

“Then why are you fighting each other?”

“Because we are recreating our favorite fight between Goku and Frieza, Duh.”

“Oh then okay.  But keep it down, because everyone’s complaining about Goku and Frieza.  Oh and by the way, do not kill him with his own blades.”

I turned my back and like less than a second later the teenagers fought and guess what happened?  Frieza killed himself with his own blade.  Now I have to go to court.