My Brother Has Powers?!?!

The day I discovered that my brother had powers was when I was having my 10th birthday party.  It was time to jump into the pool when my little bro tugged on my bathing suit sleeve and brought me to the back of the outdoor boy’s bathroom.  he then showed me what looked like an electric blue vein on his arm.  “What’s happening Jake?”  He asked.” You just have some blue veins, that’s all.”  I answered.

Then we both jumped into the pool and something WIERD happened! The water turned electric blue, just like my brother’s veins!  Our parents told us to get out of the pool as quick as we could.  But I knew that the water was not electrified, just reflective.  When my parents got a look at my brother Jeffrey’s arm, THEY FREAKED!  “Honey, um can we go straight to the hospital?”

” Why? There’s nothing on his ar- OKAY LET’S GO.  NOW” My dad responded.  We raced into the car not wasting a second on saying bye to everybody.  When we got to the Hospital and the doctors got a look at Jeffrey’s arm.  They immediately stuck a needle into his arm.  My mother-Outraged at the doctor- then shouted, ” WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT HE’S NOT YOUR CHILD!!!!”

” I am very sorry but your child has a very rare disease that we like to call,”SuperHero Syndrome”.”

A few hours later Jeffrey woke up feeling weird.  In a second he broke out of his wires and other things and then broke through the wall.  He grabbed all of us by the hands and when we were far from the hospital he said something,” I’ll protect everyone on this planet from every bad person.” To my surprise, while he was saying that he was growing taller and more muscular.

He then flew off and heard of all the bombings in the world.  And to this very day.  He’s still saving lives.

Oh and I forgot to mention his powers are super-hearing and super-strength.

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