Journal Entry #2

After we got some stuff from that amazing place, my brother and I started to walk upwards, toward the top. We reached what had seemed like millions of stairs, and what I saw was actually pretty bad. I hadn’t bothered to look out the window on our plane ride here, but when you look at the sky all you see will either be a brownish haze, or the black smoke coming from people who hadn’t bothered to switch to eco. The place looked horrible. Over the huge waves, uncalm sea, and the sky, this place was the complete opposite of what was now hundreds of steps beneath us.

My brother waved me over and showed me some people he knew, or maybe just met. We shook hands but I don’t like confrontation, especially when it comes to meetings.

Alright, alright. I’ll tell you about the rankings. The rankings first started when the international government lost a lot, and I mean a lot of money. The ranks go from 0 ( meaning low priority) and 10 (meaning the highest of the high for snobby people). All of my family members are fives, that means that basically, we get some stuff but not even close to all stuff. That’s all you need to know about the rankings and how they work. I’m sure that you don’t need me to explain 1-4.

As my brother and I started to walk around, looking at whatever even surrounded us at that point, somebody managed to sneak up on us. It was our old friend, Lukas. He’s a bit crazy sometimes but he would do anything to protect his family. I noticed that he had some scratches on his neck, arms and legs.

“Dude! How’s it going? And what’s up with all those scratches?” My brother and I both questioned him.

“Hey guys! I’m doing actually good for the first time in like 5 years. And I’ll tell you about that later.” He gushed.

We started talking and walking around with him, exploring and adventuring until we met the border of the dome around us. The place looked a lot like a nature exhibit. Trees everywhere, to keep us from breathing in that horrible air, and in some places, you could actually find a frog. We found one place that we called Trees Bellow, because all the trees looked like they were yelling. There was one tree where the gap was so huge that it could’ve been a small cave. We nestled in there and we talked. Eventually the scratches came up again and Lukas answering. Us filling in the quiet parts with a small grunt. He went on and on about how things were getting worse. Lukas was one of the last ones to evacuate so he told us about how they started to do research. How they started using the most injured people as a way to test out things. Eventually when they came to him, he wasn’t injured so they left him. But as they were leaving Lukas said he thought he heard them saying something along the lines of, “We have to get this testing done quick. We don’t want another outbreak, especially when we are in this kind of situation.”

“You must’ve been hearing something wrong.” I insisted.

“No man, I heard it right. I mean, of course at first it doubted it, but then I came to realize how these living situations are so much like the last time.”

“I mean, he could be right.” My brother agreed.

“How could this be happening. The last time we had an outbreak was something like 25 years ago. Plus we have a cure now.”

“It could’ve been waterborne and stayed in some lakes. And it could’ve mutated, making itself stronger.” They both agreed.

I kept repeating in my head– How Could This Be Happening!? -. This new information could be priceless and yet extremely dangerous. If this information was true, the government could be extremely sued. people who know about this could be keeping quiet so then they don’t die.

15 minutes passed. 20. Nobody talked. I’ll inform you tomorrow.


“Welcome all new residents! Please enter onto the right entrance unless you have 20 lbs or more of luggage.” The PA blasted above us as we walked into the newly started haven of the Mid-Atlantic Airport. I felt chills as I walked into the cold, worn metal, my brothers and many more people behind me. I felt the push of all the people eagerly waiting to get as far away as possible from North America.

Let me explain, the year is now 2105, and most living situations are as bad as the worst ones in your year. North America was mainly destroyed by droughts, mega hurricanes, and earthquakes. Most people evacuated before it got bad, but some people stayed and were quarantined by the government. But one of the worst things to every hit the world, was a epidemic. It was called the TM-74 and at first it started as just a small cold with some different symptoms. Then, as some scientists and doctors started to ignore this virus, it mutated. Badly. It transferred to mosquitos and that’s when it went bad, fast.

Millions were killed in the first week. Hundreds of millions in the second. Work for a cure was hard, doctors kept getting sick. Eventually, (before humanity got eradicated) they stumbled upon a cure. Put it in planes, and I guess you know what would happen next. Anyways, most towns were destroyed beyond repair. So, as one would do, millions moved.

“Max, Max? Max!” bellowed John, my brother.

“Oh, sorry. What are we doing in the shopping section?” I questioned.

‘”Getting something to eat. You can’t go two weeks without having some nice, decent food and drinks.”

“I guess you’re right.”

I looked up and I pretty much saw a 20 ft layer of water above me. So you could imagine how confused I was when I remembered that this place was supposed to be 50 ft off the sea levels. I waved it off. Huh, I don’t think that this is the right place to be making a ocean pun.

Oh and uh, by the way, if you thought that humanity was super advanced and we had like flying cars and that kind of stuff, you were off by a long shot. We paid so much money to research how to cure TM-74 that we basically lost control. Like a teenager when they’re given a credit card.

I walked through the aisles and I found that mostly everything had been either stolen or bought. But there was a couple things like brussels sprouts,(yes, kids still don’t like it) and some more vegetables and some…liquids.

“Yo, Max!” John yelled.

“Yeah I’m coming up.”I responded. I didn’t know where he was going to take me. Probably to the above water part of this whole contraption. I started going up the stairs and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Unlike the aisles that I just walked through, this place was filled with actually good food, clean water, and some snacks too. This place was off limits to people of rank 4 or lower, and luckily, My family are all rank fives. I’ll inform you on the rank stuff later, right now I got to go do something.

Genetic Modification

Even the News is saying that human genetic modification has gone to far this time.  Teenagers are morphing into their favorite anime character or even TV character.  Today I have to go and stop a teenager (who morphed into Goku) fight his best friend (who turned into Freiza)

“Hey hey!  Stop fighting!  BREAK IT UP NOW!!  Listen I know you guys like Dragon Ball but that does not mean you morph into characters and start fighting each other.  I mean you guys are friends right?”

“Yeah,”  They said in unison.

“Then why are you fighting each other?”

“Because we are recreating our favorite fight between Goku and Frieza, Duh.”

“Oh then okay.  But keep it down, because everyone’s complaining about Goku and Frieza.  Oh and by the way, do not kill him with his own blades.”

I turned my back and like less than a second later the teenagers fought and guess what happened?  Frieza killed himself with his own blade.  Now I have to go to court.

My Brother Has Powers?!?!

The day I discovered that my brother had powers was when I was having my 10th birthday party.  It was time to jump into the pool when my little bro tugged on my bathing suit sleeve and brought me to the back of the outdoor boy’s bathroom.  he then showed me what looked like an electric blue vein on his arm.  “What’s happening Jake?”  He asked.” You just have some blue veins, that’s all.”  I answered.

Then we both jumped into the pool and something WIERD happened! The water turned electric blue, just like my brother’s veins!  Our parents told us to get out of the pool as quick as we could.  But I knew that the water was not electrified, just reflective.  When my parents got a look at my brother Jeffrey’s arm, THEY FREAKED!  “Honey, um can we go straight to the hospital?”

” Why? There’s nothing on his ar- OKAY LET’S GO.  NOW” My dad responded.  We raced into the car not wasting a second on saying bye to everybody.  When we got to the Hospital and the doctors got a look at Jeffrey’s arm.  They immediately stuck a needle into his arm.  My mother-Outraged at the doctor- then shouted, ” WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT HE’S NOT YOUR CHILD!!!!”

” I am very sorry but your child has a very rare disease that we like to call,”SuperHero Syndrome”.”

A few hours later Jeffrey woke up feeling weird.  In a second he broke out of his wires and other things and then broke through the wall.  He grabbed all of us by the hands and when we were far from the hospital he said something,” I’ll protect everyone on this planet from every bad person.” To my surprise, while he was saying that he was growing taller and more muscular.

He then flew off and heard of all the bombings in the world.  And to this very day.  He’s still saving lives.

Oh and I forgot to mention his powers are super-hearing and super-strength.

The 3rd Kind

It was the year 2020 and humans were running low on their power supply. They used most of it when they were fighting in the war of 2018.

June 26th, 2020:  We still need power.  This is the 20th blackout today, and still going!  I wonder is the Trends is still working up in space.

June 27th, 2020:  Today I saw something I never saw before.  I t was just before the 5th blackout today.  It looked like a green meteorite falling from space.  I did not investigate, at least not today.

June 30th, 2020: Today I went to go investigate.  What I saw was mind blowing.  There was a huge rounded ship that had something inside of it.   It looked grey and really tired.  I’m thinking of staying here the night.

August 1st, 2020:  I stayed the night and help the being out of the broken up ship.  I taught it how to talk our language.  I also talked about our energy problems, and guess what!  It said it’ll give Earth some energy!  I soon payed the price for that gamble.

(Son)  My uncle died on August 1st 2027.  In this journal he wrote about what extraordinary things happened to him.  Thanks to him, Earth now has full power.